I want whoopie!

To get Whoopie, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your flavor.
  2. Choose your size – Quickies (about 1½" across) $28 for two dozen (one flavor); Whoopies (about 3" across) $28 for one dozen (one flavor); Whole Lotta Whoopie (10-12" across) $28 per cake.
  3. Choose your date. Most orders can be filled with one week’s notice.
  4. Send your selections along with your address and phone number to .
  5. Payment is expected when you get your whoopie.
  6. Enjoy your whoopie!

Custom Whoopies are also available:

Have an idea for a flavor combination? Want two flavors of whoopie per batch? Tell me about your favorite tastes or combination wishes and I will come up with a custom flavor/batch. Who knows? Your whoopie might become my new specialty! The cost is $28 and up per dozen.

Now accepting: